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Folksworth is a Church of England Primary School. Our Christian Ethos is very important to us and it permeates all that we do here in school and in the wider community.

Church schools are for all children, for those whose parents profess another faith than our own, or who have no faith at all.  At Folksworth we welcome this and the religious beliefs of all.  Our aim is to educate children in a happy atmosphere so that when they grow up they may have standards by which to evaluate the world around them.

Parents do have the right to withdraw their children from Religious Education and Collective Worship. Requests to do so must be made in writing to the Headteacher. However, withdrawal cannot guarantee exclusion from the religious character of the school and the Governors hope that in choosing a church school, parents are thereby committing themselves to their child’s participation in the religious life of our school.

Our Church community.

Folksworth Church of England Primary School has links with its local churches in the surrounding catchment villages of Folksworth, Stilton, Elton, Haddon, Morborne.  These villages and churches fall within the Diocese of Ely 

The Vicar-in-charge of The Stilton Group of Parishes, Richard Gibbs, is the local Vicar and visits the school regularly.

The Reverend Richard Gibbs : 01733 248701


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Ely Diocese 

Folksworth - Churchwarden John Blackman 01733 240349


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Collective Worship

Our Collective Worship is intended to give our children a time for reflection. This term, through our Collective Worship each day, we are journeying through the life of Jesus looking at what he did, what he said but more than that, what he valued. Each theme explores values for our own lives which Jesus himself modelled through his own.

These values are: Love, Compassion, Forgiveness, Thankfulness, Courage, Truthfulness, Justice, Perseverance, Peace, Wisdom, Friendship and Hope.