Personal, Social, Health and Citizenship Education (PSHCE)

At Folksworth Primary School we aim for our pupils to become active and successful members of their communities. We want them to have and maintain good mental and physical health; our teaching strives to equip them with the knowledge, understanding and skills to sustain this during their school career and beyond.

Our PSHCE curriculum is designed to help children develop positive and aspirational attitudes for themselves alongside tolerance and respect for others. Through teaching our pupils about their rights and responsibilities, diversity, managing emotions and dealing with change we promote their moral, physical and mental development. These lessons enable children to reflect on the challenges they may face and the tools available to them to navigate them. We aim to develop resilience and an understanding in our pupils of their place in the world.

We teach lessons in Drugs Education and Sex and Relationships Education to help pupils stay safe and develop healthy, positive relationships in the future.